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Have a chat with CelticBFly - Natural Healing and Gipsy Card Reading in Creil today. 30- years of practicing of Gipsy Card Reading. Ever since I can remember, I have communicated with and been visited by Spirit. As I grew from a child to an adult, I became more curious about why and what I was able to see, feel and hear that others could not. Over time I began to understand what this ability meant and after many years of holding back I am now open to Spirit. Along the way I have had teachers and friends who have helped me in this journey of life. My main Spirit Guide is my grandmother and I have others around me at various times. As well I receive messages from your spirit guides and relatives and friends who have passed on. Please keep in mind that I am only the messenger, I pass on messages that I receive. I do Cartomancy with regular playing cards to look into various situations. My readings have a lot of detail. Cartomancy with regular playing cards is a little different yet similar to Tarot cards. An example of how playing cards and tarot cards relate to each other would be: spades/swords, hearts/cups, clubs/wands, and diamonds/pentacles. I lay a nine card spread with you picking the tenth card. Each card has a different meaning depending where in the spread it falls. I am honest , non-judgmental and positive , everyone is welcome. I do not mislead people into believing things which are not true. Spirit and my Guides are here, with me, always, and I call upon them when doing a reading for you. I offer a multi-faceted approach to my readings . With my Guided Meditations, Healing Energies, and Reading you will feel calm and clearer about situations. I can give you honest answers and clarity to all your concerns, I have the ability to help you understand others and find closure around current and past issues, to help with Emotional and Spiritual Healing. We all have free will, and our paths are just that, our paths. I simply offer guidance and tools for your journey. The future is based on probability and variables and can change. I am an Intuitive Empath which means I can feel and understand the emotions of others. Intuition is the birthright of every human being, but we each have different channels that receive guidance more strongly or clearly than others. One of the most primal of the intuitive channels is that of the healer/empath. Basically, Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in tune with or resonate with others. Empathy is not held by time or space. Thus an Empath can feel the emotions of people and things at a distance. Some of the other types of psychic sensitivity corresponding to the senses that I have are: Clairscent (I can smell a fragrance/odor of a substance or food that is not in my surroundings ), Clairvoyant (I see the information, either as photos or video). Clairaudient (I hear the answers, either out loud, or being spoken in my head). Clairsentient (I can feel your feelings). I have Gifts of Healing (physical / emotional / spiritual), Prophecy (the ability to speak a message from Spirit). I do Guided Meditations, and Chakra cleansing and healing. A little about myself. My name here is CelticBFly, it is really CelticButterfly but that was too many letters. Celtic is my heritage and I grew up in the most Irish city in Canada . Butterfly because I love butterflys (I even have a butterfly garden).Visit my room and you will see the butterfly paintings . My two main hobbies are genealogy and painting. I also enjoy a good game of cards with friends. I have degrees in English,Education and Sociology. Most of my working career (teaching) was spent in the public and private school systems in Canada. I then retired and moved south where I guest lectured teaching sociology, gender, and human resources. I consider myself spiritual, not religious. Over the years I have volunteered with many organizations including working with at risk children in a school, volunteering in a safe house for abused women and children as well as a ‘hotline’ or ‘safeline’ for children. RULES FOR FREE CHAT * Free readings or questions are not offered in public chat, it is against company policy. I do not do one card readings in free chat. * I am a professional, please treat me as such if you want me to answer you. 'Testing' a psychic is totally rude and disrespectful. I am here to help people, not for your amusement. If you insult me I will not read for you. * Everyone is welcome as long as they are polite, be respectful to other members in the room. * No arguing. Both parties will be kicked out. * Please do not suggest other readers in the room. If you are a reader, please do not read in the room. * No profanity. Testimonials: MerkabahMan633 Very talented reader. I am always amazed at true cartomancy. She definitely knew what she was doing. Butterflywings I love her! She is wonderful, such a lovely lady! Very very accurate cards, so in depth and spot on with my situation. She explained the people around me and their relationships to each other... Very intricate and even I don't understand myself at times lol! I always enjoy card readings but found this one much better as it was more about evidential than others I've had, she is also very intuitive and has a lovely energy! I enjoyed my reading a lot, so pleased she is here on Oranum for me ;) Jennifer She is AMAZING !!! - I've been on Oranum for a while now and by far she is THE BEST EVER!!! I would give more stars if I could. Check our CelticBFly you'll be amazed LEGAL DISCLAIMER:- For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only. All decisions, choices and / or actions are the responsibility of the client.

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