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Talk to Bernadett81 - Symbolon Card Reading and Gipsy Card Reading in Creil now. 10-15 years of experience in Gipsy Card Reading. Gypsy clairvoyant, love and relationship expert,love bond,career, dream interpretation, health GOOD TO KNOW ABOUT ME I am the only one real half-gypsy natural clairvoyant, empath and a card reader on Oranum. I learned to read cards from my grandmother at the age of five.Gypsies have been known all over the world about the psychic and intuitive abilities, my grandmother learned to read the cards from her mother, so we keep and save the knowledge from generation to generation.I only use the cards as a guidance, because i am a natural clairvoyant.If you would like to find resolution to your problems, contact me here.I am able to read people's minds since the age of five.I have 15 years of experience in helping people.I love to help.When i read, i use my third eye, i meditate everyday to be able to keep it in a great shape.To me the greatest pleasure is when i am able to put a smile on a client's face.Being a psychics is also a huge responsibilty for me and i always respect my clients and feel proud when they ask for my help.I don't tell you what you want to hear but tell you what you need to hear.Let me bring the clarity into your situation.My gift came at early age, though being able to use them and improve them came later.If you feel that you have psychic abilities and need help to develop them further, contact me and we can arrange private sessions.If you are going to through difficult times in your life,you need help, you need guidance and that is what a good psychic can give you.If you feel lonely, you have a heartbreak and feel that nobody understand you, consult with me, through the years i have helped many to forget about sadness and loneliness. EXPERT SERVICES USED Natural Clairvoyant Intuitive Telepathic Love bond Energy reader Dream Interpretation Reiki energy healing (sending energy) Guided meditation FREE CHAT RULES If you come to my room for the first time, please introduce yourself and greet the people there Wait your moment to ask your question Do not be rude,inpolite and unrespectful You can take me to private only if you have informed me, because there can be someone who came before, who first came, has priority We all have been tested here by Oranum, so please be respectful enough to accept that fact and do not try to test my abilities at any level, because i will refuse to answer to that.A psychic is here to help, not for your amusement. You can ask about my ablities and how i work, so you can find out if i am the right person for you that can help you and if there is a connection between me and you Please don't argue,both parties will be kicked out Don't ask for free readings in my room, do not ask yes/no questions ABOUT THE READINGS A reading is a complex thing:we can not separate the past from the present and the future.If you do not have enough time for a reading, please choose another time when you can get all those informations analyzed what you need, quality readings do take time.Please respect yourself and the psychic enough to choose a time when you can relax and able to process the informations you will get. AFTER A READING There are no accidents in life, everything happens for a reason and it has a reason why we meet, even here.Use my reading to make the best of your life, to create a better and happier future. MY ABILITIES My grandmother used to say "We are never able to learn something, we are just born with it." Practise helps you to deepen your abilities but without talent nothing works.Intuitive people are just born to be psychics, with practise they can develop their abilities further. Predicton and advice on LOVE: I can tell you if there is still love in your relationship.I know that you want to feel appreciated for the work you put into making a relationship work.There is nothing worse than being betrayed.You deserve to know the answers, i am here to help you get those answers.My readings are direct, honest and accurate. -Breaking up,divorce -Cheating -Affairs -Sex and intimacy -Gay and lesbian -Marital Life 1.Does he/she love you? 2.Is he/she my soulmate? 3.What is the actual thoughts of my partner now? 4.Where is my relationship heading? 5.Will we be together again? 6.Will this relationship continue? 7.When will I find a new job? 8.Is this career/job good for me? CAREER -succes in starting a new work -releasing stress -win a job -help in difiicult situations -gain a promotion with my help HEALING REIKI healer Chakra balancing REIKI treatment Meditation Mental healing FInding the reason of your illness My mother would have never thought when i was reading for her at the age of five that i will be a psychic."You will change your job soon!"- I told her and she laughed, until the day when she really changed it... My intuition spoke to me from the first time when i took the cards in my hands.My room is a place of peace, where friendly people with good sense of humor are always welcomed!

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