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Online consultation with AryAngels - Pendulum and Gipsy Card Reading in Creil today. 10-15 years of practicing of Gipsy Card Reading. Clairvoyant natural gifted psychic. Very kind, friendly an always had a gift from a very young age.Use tools to help give more in detail readings . I dont read spirits of the dead or do spells. Love helping others an making a difference. Love animals. Hard worker an also have Empath skills. Use the old school version of playing cards as passed down through my generation of Irish heritage. I really enjoy social interaction an helping solve problems. Have the ability to look into the past, present, an future. Working hard an being truthful an sincere has always been important to me. I have a deep compassion for others an the drive to help an understand situations, I love doing one on ones an i also am very good in group settings. I love positive energy. I also love to have fun an very personable. I love peoples stories an try to be fair. I love music an the arts an spending time reading . I also enjoy learning an teaching others. My main goal in life is working together for the greater good. To live an enjoy life an love one another. Its very important to never look down upon anyone, but instead to help them up. Lastly I believe in angels.

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