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Get a consultation from AAstridvoyance - Lenomard Card Reading and Gipsy Card Reading in Creil - no waiting. 30- years of practice and skills in Gipsy Card Reading. "non-stop-low-rate" - only 3.99 - (reg.5.99) GERMAN TOP RATED PSYCHIC ( trilingual), NATIVE CLEARVOYANT / MEDIUM, OVER 37 YEARS EXP, GREAT POSITIVE ENERGY, VERY FAST~~ HONEST~~ AND CLEAR~~ Hello and welcome to my room ;) My name is Astrid, clairvoyant for 37 years and sign Leo, Capricorn ascendant, Aries in moon. Much of my own knowledge is not learnt from books but from my own experiences and teachers I have met along my path. Over the last 37 years, I have built up an extensive list of private clients. I can work without tools or with tools - your choice. When I am working without tools, my personal guardian angel NITH-HAIA who is responsible for the spititual world, is guiding and supporting me. I am experienced in the use of «Kippercards», "Gipsy-Cards" and "Mme Lenormand"-cards, which show you the past, the present and the future if you continue the actual way of living. The "goddess-cards" and the "animal-power-cards"are helping you to find the right way and solution to reach your personal goal. And for sure , I have specially for LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP questions the wonderful ANGELCARDS ;) They help you as well to destroy the blocage and to realize who you are and what you need to find your fulfilness. Furthermore I do the numerology, the pendulum, reading the coffee grounds and dream interpretation. During a reading, I will be able to give you information relating to the past, present and future. You may ask questions if you wish and I will go as deeply into your reading as you need me to. At times the insight I will give you may not be what you want to hear but it could be what you need to hear. Your reading will always be given to you with honesty but I can only give you what I get. The reading is a tool that can help you but ultimately you have free will. I will give you insight to help you but take no responsibility for your choices. My will and my goal are to help you in your daily life and I would like to give you new ideas or solutions for all the problems you have. So don't hesitate to contact me, I will be by your side and give you the power and energy to manage your situation. Hope to see you soon here - or on the french webbpage www.oranum.com/fr/ (Astridvoyance) P.s. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that I can answer on personal questions ONLY IN PRIVATE CHAT - THANK YOU DUE TU THE DIFFERENT TIME ZONES I CANNOT GIVE YOU A RELIABLE SCHEDULE - SO PLEASE CLICK ON MY PROFILE """ Notify me when this psychic comes online! """ THAT YOU CAN KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME ************************************************************************************* A SHORT INFO ABOUT THE READING - VERY IMPORTANT ! ! ! Each of us has positive and negative qualities - his own karma. That is the reason, why you don't find anybody who has always luck or always bad luck. Likewise, each of us has his own personal destiny, from which he can recognize the opportunities and thus make his life happy. (Tarot)Reading can be seen therefore not as an inevitable future, but as help to find our personal way. If one reading is not so positive, you have always the possibility to choose a different direction. To get a better future, you should always be active and stay active, because we alone are responsible for our personal happiness. If the cards are showing a positive future, you must also stay active. For example: You want to know whether you will get your driving licence and the cards answer positive, you have to continue to learn for the test, as before, and not to change the way and be passive - otherwise you will not get your driving license and you would be disappointed of the reading Therefore there is NO GUARANTEE for the reading. ************************************************************************************* MY SERVICES * Life coach (how I can find my personal luck?....) * Character description (how to understand and treat my fellows...) * Love (is my partner the RIGHT ONE? does my partner really loves me ? ...) * Relationship (when will I find a serious relationship? am I in an honest relationship?...) * Marriage (when will I marry? children? how to life a happy couple....) * Divorce (shall I stay or shall i go? will the divorce be fair?....) * Finance (shall I invest or wait? will my situation be better very soon? when?...) * Business career (will my business work? will I be successful? Will I find a new job? when?.....) * Changes (private and professional life) * Dream interpretation * Guardian angel ( who is "my guardian angel" ?) * Spell cleanings and protections (count 15 minutes - 5.99/minute ) * Past Life (who and what you have been in your past life ) TESTIMONIALS This is my fourth reading with Astrid and she is right as always. She gives me a time frame and, like in the past, they always come true. I will keep Aastrid posted. Thanks! dijana77, usa The private session I had with Astrid almost 2 weeks ago has come to pass!! Her reading reflected the present at the time and how the future would develop. The cards for the present were accurate and things did develop in the way as shown in the future cards. Thanks again Astrid! She was quick and doesn't waste credits so that is helpful as well! Nona29, NY Wonderful reading, accurate, professional.She answered me a ton questions in a short time, that saved me a lot of money. She can tell me if what i want, will come true soon or I will get good result little bit at a time. If there was some question that she could not get an answer from spirit guides, she would tell me her feeling about it , but she honestly told me it was her feeling , not from what she listening from spirit guides. And I did have the same feeling as she does so I think she was correct. I respect to her honest. She have done a great job on my reading that worth a lot higher than her price right now. I wish she will rise her price for her living but not too high so I and other can be able to get help from her. I love what she did for me as I feel thanks to God. God bless her! gastonmai1, Gasteville Outstanding reader. i am pleased. i talked to several readers and compare. One of the top best. I like how she uses the cards and her pendulum. I wish i can give her more than 5 stars. She has a good energy, no lies in between. What else can i say? Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! mandylynn30, nj Extremly powerful Psychic.... Her style is like I have never seen before.... Her technique is different than any other psychic I have talked to. It was a moving reading!!!! I highly recommend!! Highpriest42, Cincinnati She saw what was happening on my life even before i told her... and she gave me hope and advise on my relationship. IzzieMe, NL

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